Ramsey County Library will be closed on Thursday, November 23.



Ramsey County Library Director

Jill Boldenow 651-486-2201
Email: jill.boldenow@rclreads.org




Ramsey County Library Board

The Library Board usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month as the Library's governing board. Meetings are open to the public and start at 6:30 pm in a Ramsey County Library. Call 651-486-2200 for specific date, time and place of upcoming meeting or click here for the meeting calendar.

Library Board of Trustees

Craig Klausing, Chair
Janice Rapheal, Vice Chair
John Hakes, Secretary
Marisol Chiclana-Ayala
Hector Garcia
Paula Mielke

Kim Vanderwall

To send feedback and comments to the Library Board e-mail
Ramsey County Library Board (rclboard@rclreads.org)
Library Board Agenda and Minutes

2017 Meeting Calendar

Library Board By-Laws

Library Board Policies

Ramsey County Commissioners

District 1 - Blake Huffman 651-266-8362
Email: Blake.Huffman@Co.Ramsey.MN.US
District Map
District 2 - Mary Jo McGuire 651-266-8356
Email: MaryJo.McGuire@Co.Ramsey.MN.US

District 3 - Janice Rettman 651-266-8360
Email: Janice.Rettman@Co.Ramsey.MN.US

District 4 - Toni Carter 651-266-8364
Email: Toni. Carter@Co.Ramsey.MN.US

District 5 - Rafael Ortega 651-266-8361
Email: Rafael.E.Ortega@Co.Ramsey.MN.US

District 6 - Chair, Jim McDonough 651 266-8365
Email: Jim.McDonough@Co.Ramsey.MN.US

District 7 - Victoria Reinhardt 651-266-8363
Email: Victoria.Reinhardt@Co.Ramsey.MN.US