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May 2022:
May 17: Kim Potter, Daunte Wright, & Minnesota Justice with Rachel Moran
May 10: After Such Knowledge: Art, Religious Life and the Holocaust Part 4
May 4: The History of Psychology part 6: Carl Jung; Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
May 3: After Such Knowledge: Art, Religious Life and the Holocaust Part 3

April 2022:
April 29: Great Decisions 2020: Russia and the United States with Norma Noonan
April 27: The History of Psychology part 5: Alfred Adler and the Theory of Inferiority
April 26: After Such Knowledge: Art, Religious Life and the Holocaust Part 2
April 26: The Global Climate Agreements Reached in 2021 
April 25: Can I Get a Job if I Have a Mental Illness?
April 22: Great Decisions 2022: President Biden's Agenda
April 19: After Such Knowledge: Art, Religious Life & the Holocaust part 1: Mid-20th Century Art and its Challenge to Jews and Christians
April 19: Birds, Trees, Dark Skies, and Climate: What’s Happening?
April 15: Great Decisions 2022: Climate Change with Richard Leitch
April 13: Introduction to Cryptocurrency
April 13: The History of Psychology part 4: What Did Freud Get Wrong; Freud's Critics and His Times
April 12: Free Speech versus Hate Speech?
April 9: Arts Roseville Featured Artist: Matt Lara
April 8: Great Decisions 2022: Outer Space with Todd Lefko
April 6: The History of Psychology part 3: Sigmund Freud - The Development of Psychoanalysis and the Theory of Dreams, opens a new window
April 5: An End to Bias with Jessica Nordell

March 2022:
March 30: The History of Psychology part 2: Sigmund Freud - Influences and Early Work
March 29: Minnesota Weather: The Past and the Predictions
March 23: The History of Psychology part 1: Stanley Milgram and his Infamous Experiment
March 22: Curt Brown Celebrates 400 Weeks of Minnesota History
March 16: Information Security for Seniors
March 15: “Shoot Suffrage to Death:” A Short History and of Race, Violence, and the Right to Vote
March 15: Police and the Twin Cities: Another Perspective
March 8: Artificial Intelligence---Triumph or Tragedy?
March 4: Great Decisions 2022: Global Supply Chains and National Security
March 1: From Police Reform to Police Abolition?

February 2022:
February 23: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part II (Session 4)
February 22: Who is a Citizen? Our Nation’s First Racial Reckoning 1865-1924 Part IV
February 22: We Are Meant to Rise Panel Discussion
February 17: Criminal Justice Today Series: Law Enforcement
February 16: Geek Out! – A High Tech Conversation and Demo
February 15: Who is a Citizen? Our Nation’s First Racial Reckoning 1865-1924 Part III
February 11: Great Decisions 2022: Roles of International Organizations in a Global Pandemic
February 9: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part II (Session 3)
February 8: Who is a Citizen? Our Nation’s First Racial Reckoning 1865-1924 Part II
February 2: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part II (Session 2)
February 1: Who is a Citizen? Our Nation’s First Racial Reckoning 1865-1924 Part I

January 2022:
January 26: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part II (Session 1)
January 25: Gimme Shelter: Affordable Housing, Rent Control and Current Politics
January 20: Conversations with Constituents 2022: Representation in City Leadership
January 19: Personal Information Security Protection in a Modern World
January 18: Critical Race Theory: Why It Matters for All of Us

November 2021:
November 19: Great Decisions 2021: China’s Role in Africa with Duncan McCampbell
November 16: The Minnesota Paradox of Race
November 16: Growing Diversity in Local Leadership
November 12: Great Decisions 2021: The End of Globalization with Rick Olson
November 9: This Was 2020 Book Celebration
November 5: Great Decisions 2021: Persian Gulf Security Issues with Nicholas Hayen
November 3: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part 4
November 2: A River Through Time: Change on the Mississippi

October 2021:
October 29: Great Decisions 2021: The Korean Peninsula with Hyon Kim
October 27: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part 3
October 27: Dementia: Caring & Coping during the Pandemic: Ambiguous Loss in a Time of Pandemic
October 26: How the Streets Were Made: Housing Segregation and Black Life in America
October 21: Real Life Mister Rogers, Part 2: Welcoming Neighbors
October 19: The Problem of Monopolies and the Poor
October 13:The Presidency of Barack Obama Part 2 
October 12: Educational Equity and the Page Amendment
October 12: Fake News and the Fourth Estate
October 6: The Presidency of Barack Obama Part I
October 5: St. Paul and Kidnapping in 1930s America

September 2021:
September 28: Free Speech: A Contested Symbol of Democracy
September 23: Real Life Mister Rogers, Part 1: Good Neighborhoods
September 21: The Violence Project: How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic
September 20: Ending the School to Prison Pipeline
September 11: Arts Roseville Featured Artist: Michael Sweere

August 2021:
August 19: Indigenous Minnesota: Dakota Language Preservation
August 12: Building Code 101: Why Do I Need a Permit to Build in Roseville?
August 5: Indigenous Minnesota: Tribal Sovereignty

July 2021:
July 15: Zoning 101: Who/What Decides Where You Can Live, Work and Play in Roseville?
July 10: Arts Roseville Featured Artist: Marcy McNeal
July 8: Indigenous Minnesota: Ojibwe Place Name Reclamation

June 2021:
June 29: Author Talk: Michael Kleber-Diggs
June 24:The Scroll of Isaiah: The Basis for Human Hope in the Isaiah Scroll Part 4
June 22: Women in Blue: Race and Gender in the Minneapolis Police Dept.
June 17: The Scroll of Isaiah: The Servant of the Lord Tradition Part 3
June 15: Of a Larch Life Well Lived: How a Changing Climate is Facilitating Outbreaks of Tree-killing Insects
June 15: Women in Politics in the Biden Era
June 10: The Scroll of Isaiah: Warnings to Nations and Empires about “Arrogance of Power” Part 2
June 8: Biden Encounters the World: Foreign Policy in a New Era
June 3: Doing All We Can for Our Cities Today to Make them Sustainable Tomorrow
June 3: The Scroll of Isaiah: Common Ground for Jews and Christians Part 1
June 1: Turnout: Joan Growe’s Legacy

May 2021:
May 25: Trump to Biden; A Political Transition
May 20: Behind the Headlines: Newspapers in the 24/7 News Era
May 18: Three Ordinary Girls: A Forgotten Story of World War II
May 11: The Earliest Humans: What We Can Learn from Fossils?

April 2021:
April 28: More Than a Single Story: Financial Trauma in Communities of Color
April 27: Paul Wellstone: Minnesota Populist
April 20: The Booth Girls
April 14: The Presidency: Campaigns and Crises Part IV
April 13: The Demographics of Democracy
April 7: The Presidency: Campaigns and Crises Part III
April 6: The Supreme Court and the Theater of Judicial Politics

March 2021:
March 31: The Presidency: Campaigns and Crises Part II
March 30: The Strategies of White Supremacists
March 24: The Presidency: Campaigns and Crises Part I
March 23: Redlining & Racial Covenants
March 23: Russia and the US- Old and New Enemies
March 16: The Irish Question and Modern History
March 9: Minnesota 1918: The Previous Plague
March 4: Author Talk: Jana Larson
March 2: Where Fairy Tales Meet History

February 2021:
February 24: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 6
February 23: The 2020 Census: Taking Count Amid Controversy
February 22: Climate Change and Forests in Minnesota: Alternative Futures
February 17: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 5
February 16: The Census, Redistricting, and Reform
February 16: LGBTQ+ History in Minnesota
February 10: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 4
February 9: China Rising: Pros and Cons
February 3: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 3
February 2: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Minnesota

January 2021:
January 27: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 2
January 26: Using Data Science to Understand Online Extremism
January 21: Conversations with Constituents - Minnesota's Recovery: Priorities for 2021
January 19: The Legal Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Struggle to Replace Her
January 13: The Presidency of George W. Bush Part 1
January 12: COVID-19 in Context; the Historical Background of a Pandemic

December 2020:
December 15: David Schultz Analyzes the 2020 Election

November 2020:
November 24: History in the Making - The Conservative View of a Year of Crisis
November 19: Beyond Silence: Excavating the History of Minnesota’s Incarcerated Girls
November 17: COVID-19: Urgent Lessons for Public Health Reform
November 17: History in the Making: The Economic Roller-coaster of 2020
November 13: Great Decisions 2020: China’s Road into Latin America with Dr. John Oswald
November 10: History in the Making: the Political Consequences of Pandemic
November 6: Great Decisions 2020: Red Sea Security with Dr. Andrew Latham
November 3: History in the Making—How Will We Remember the Year 2020? The Legacy of George Floyd

October 2020:
October 30: Great Decisions 2020: Artificial Intelligence and Data with Thomas Hanson
October 27: Turning Points in the American Presidency — Modern Era: Corruption Aplenty
October 23: Great Decisions 2020: US Relations with the Northern Triangle with Dr. Patrick McNamara
October 22: History Revealed: Women's Suffrage in Minnesota with Kate Roberts
October 20: Turning Points in the American Presidency — Campaigning Begins: Slogans and Sound Bites
October 20: Fix What You Can: A Conversation about the Mental Health System
October 16: Great Decisions 2020: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking with Lindsey Greising
October 13: Turning Points in the American Presidency — Entrenched Political Parties: In Fighting - Out Fighting
October 10: Arts Roseville Featured Artist Shakun Maheshwari
October 9: Great Decisions 2020: Climate Change and the Global Order with Todd Lefko
October 6: Turning Points in the American Presidency - Elections at the Beginning: Founding Fathers Argue
October 2: Great Decisions 2020: The Philippines and the US with Kannan Solayappan

September 2020:
September 29: Votes for Women: The Final Push, Victory, and Aftermath
September 22: Votes for Women: The Suffrage Movement During the Late-19th and Early-20th Centuries - Janet Woolman
September 16: Hope in the Struggle
September 15: Votes for Women: Suffrage Movement in the United States 1848-1872 - Janet Woolman
September 12: Arts Roseville Featured Artist Lori Greene
September 8: Votes for Women: The Back Story - Janet Woolman

August 2020:
August 27: Landscapes of Protest: Demanding Social Justice and Equality Through Anti-Racist Street Art in St. Paul, MN
August 27: The Connemara Irish in St. Paul with Jane Kennedy
August 19: Carolyn Holbrook: A Reading and Conversation with the Author
August 18: Voting in the Time of Covid-19
August 8: Arts Roseville Featured Artist Dan "Daddy Squeeze" Newton & Elizabeth Rowan
August 5: AM Radio Memories with Joey Leone
August 4: Decision Time at the Supreme Court

July 2020:
July 21: The Endless Civil War with James Stewart, Part II
July 14: The Endless Civil War with James Stewart, Part I
July 11: Arts Roseville Featured Artist Joe Kral

June 2020:
June 25:The Fake: Adventures of the Cheshire Cat in Wanderland: A Virtual Art Exhibition and Artists' Talk
June 23: Turning Points in the Middle East with General Joseph Votel
June 13: Arts Roseville Featured Artist: Francesco Favazza
June 1: A New World Begins: A Conversation with Jeremy Popkin about the French Revolution

March 2020:
March 10: Our Nation's Endless Civil War - Part One, opens a new window
March 6: Minnesota History Theatre 'Not For Sale/Not In Our Neighborhood'

February 2020:
February 18: Tariffs and the Global Economy
February 11: Economic War: A History of Tariffs
February 4: Mapping Prejudices in Minneapolis

January 2020:
January 21: Anatoly Liberman: Where Do Words Come From?
January 14: A Minnesota Preview of the 2020 Election

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