New Learning Space Will Expand Access to Technology and Maker Programming

In May, Ramsey County Library will be updating the main floor of the library in Roseville to include a new learning space, totaling 5,800 square feet, dedicated to Digital Literacy and Maker programming. The proposed changes align with the Library’s strategic priority of build resources to create positive change. The new space will host programming to reflect the needs of the residents we serve.  

In 2017, the Library launched a series of Maker programming for adults which has grown to include 3D printing, Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machines, a sewing machine and various equipment that can convert physical photos, slides as well as a variety of analog media into digital files. Currently, there is no designated space for library programs featuring technology. Technology equipment and furniture constantly needs to be moved around, set up and torn down to host programs like Maker Adult on Fridays and Saturdays. The move to create dedicated, flexible makerspace was first outlined in the 2019 Facilities Masters Plan

During the pandemic, the Library pivoted to virtual programming. Now, the Library offers both in-person and virtual Digital Literacy and Maker to residents (see page 7 for all Technology and Maker programming). This expansion has increased demand on Library spaces needed to host both in-person and virtual classes. A dedicated learning space will improve the logistics of sharing meeting rooms without conflicting with the demands on other public meeting spaces. Additional benefits of the new learning spaces include allowing equipment to be kept, set up and secured providing more opportunities for resident access during, and outside of, formal instruction.   

The Library is excited for this new learning space as it will allow the library to work towards meeting the increasing demand for Digital Literacy related programming and reduce the strain on demands for public spaces needed for programming across the library.