Zoning 101: Who/What Decides Where You Can Live, Work and Play in Roseville?

This program was recorded on July 15, 2021.

Who cares about city zoning regulations? You should! City zoning regulations determine what can be built where within the City, as well as other property standards focused on protecting the public health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood.

The City of Roseville is currently in the process of updating the City’s zoning regulations and are asking for the public’s input. In this meeting, Janice Gundlach, the Roseville Community Development Director will give us an overview of what a Zoning Code is and why it’s important for the public to engage in the update process, as well as the potential impacts of not providing input. Understanding zoning now can help ensure future development in the City doesn’t catch you by surprise later.

Sponsored by Do Good Roseville.

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