Weekly Teen Contests

Be a weekly winner! Each Tuesday, we will post a different contest for teens to enter and get a chance to win prizes! 

This week's contest (week of 4/20) is Book Spine Poetry

Continuing with our National Poetry Month theme, this week’s contest is the Book Spine Poetry Contest! 

What is book spine poetry? It’s a free verse poem composed by using the titles written on the spines a book. To make it, you will need a few books you have at home or from your library. Take those books (at least 3 of them), stack them up in a way that makes a poem or a story out of the titles, snap a photo, and send it to us! 


Check out the photos above to see some examples and get some inspiration!

To enter, please send an email to rclteenservices@co.ramsey.mn.us with following information:

  • Include your full name, grade, and school in the body of the email.

  • Photo file (.jpg or .png) of your photo.

 Weekly Contest Guidelines

  • Participants may only submit one entry per weekly contest.
  • Contests are open to teens in grades 6-12 who reside in the Twin Cities area.
  • Ramsey County Library (RCL) reserves the right to determine what entries are appropriate for each contest.
  • For photo contests, submitted photos must be the original work of the participant. No logos/watermarks.
  • By entering any of our contests, you grant RCL permission to exhibit your photo(s) in the Library, display it on the Library website, and use it on publicity releases.
  • First names of winners may be published on the library website and/or social media.
  • Winners will be contacted by email.
  • Unless stated otherwise, prizes are $10 gift cards. Gift cards will be mailed to winners via USPS.
  • Questions? Email us at rclteenservices@co.ramsey.mn.us.
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