The Scroll of Isaiah: Common Ground for Jews and Christians Part 1

This program was recorded on June 3, 2021.

A. Joseph Everson
Barry Cytron

The Biblical scroll of Isaiah is an important book for Jews, Christians and Muslims. As the first of the prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible, it is primarily a commentary on the Torah, but it offers lessons for the modern world.
Please join Biblical scholar, Dr. A. Joseph Everson, author of The Vision of the Prophet Isaiah: Hope in a War-Weary World, as he collaborates with Rabbi Barry Cytron in exploring this crucial work. 

June 3 - The Scroll of Isaiah as a Theological Interpretation of History

June 10 - Warnings to Nations and Empires about “Arrogance of Power”

June 17- The Hope for a Messiah and the Suffering Servant Traditions

June 24 - The Basis for Human Hope in the Isaiah Scroll

A. Joseph Everson is Professor Emeritus at California Lutheran University.
Barry D. Cytron served as professor and chaplain at Macalester College before his retirement.

This series is supported by the Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries.

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