The Presidency: Campaigns and Crises Part III

This program was recorded April 7th, 2021.

As Americans, we hope that our leaders are wise, honest and responsive to the public will; but, as history shows, that is not always the case.  JB Andersen returns with a unique, sometimes droll, look at some of the lesser-trod byways and shadowed corners in the history of the American Presidency.

Part I ---Campaign Promises: Broken and Unfulfilled
Part II 
--Third Parties and the Rise of the Secret Ballot
Part III 
--The Dark Secrets of Disabled Presidents
Part IV -
-The Stain that Haunts US; Racism and the Presidency.

J.B. Andersen is the creator of The Presidents Series, one of the most popular history series ever offered in the Twin Cities.

This series is co-sponsored by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of MN with the financial support of the Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries.

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