Staff Picks

Staff Picks

Black Freedom Struggle in the United States

Features expertly selected primary source documents from the African American struggle for freedom in the United States.

Essential Books About Race and Anti-Racism

A mix of classic and newer books that provide history and insight into race, anti-racism and social injustice.

Talking about Race and Anti-Racism with Children

A selection of titles to help parents and caregivers address current events.

Must-See Documentaries on Race in America

Stream these powerful documentaries on race and racism for free on Kanopy - the library's new streaming service.


Black History Month for Kids

The best and brightest recent releases around these important people and events for children!

Magnificent Magical Reads!

If you like a touch of magic in your chapter books, this is the list for you!


Read some funny books and stories about the gross parts of life while learning the science behind them!

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie (Long Reads for Winter)

A book list for the voracious readers who need a brick of a book to sink their teeth into.

Books about Race and Racism for Teens

Books about Black lives and racism for teens, to educate and spark discussion.

10 Great Young Adult Dystopian Novels

Have you finished reading book series like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Mazer Runner, and now you're looking for what to read next?

TikTok Made Me Read It!

Some of the best YA books recommended by Booktokers.

Books for K-pop Lovers

Looking for Young Adult books that let you dive into the world of K-pop? Here's a list of great books to get you started.
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