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Wireless Internet

Go Wireless @ Ramsey County Library

You are invited to take advantage of Ramsey County Library's high-speed Internet access using your own wireless-enabled laptop computer or other portable device. This free service is now available in all Ramsey County libraries.

How do I use wireless at a Ramsey County Library?
To use the wireless network, simply bring your wireless enabled laptop computer or other device to the Library and turn it on. When your device senses a signal, a message should appear on your screen indicating that a wireless network is available. Open your Web browser and you will be presented with the wireless login page. You will need to click on "I Agree" to begin using the Library's wireless access.

Can the Library help me configure my computer?
Sorry, everyone's computer is different and you are responsible for configuring your own equipment. The Library cannot be responsible for any changes you make to your computer's settings.

Your laptop computer or other portable device will need to have a wireless interface card.  Most Wi-Fi equipment will be compatible. However, the Library can make no guarantees as to compatibility of your equipment with the Library's network. If you need additional assistance, you may need to contact the company that sold you the laptop or the manufacturers of your hardware or software.

What are the advantages?
By using your laptop at the Library for checking email, surfing the Net, and doing research, you are freeing up Library Internet stations for people who vitally need that access.

Since users provide their own equipment, the time limits enforced on Library computers do not apply to wireless users. You can use the system all day.

What about security?
The Library's wireless network is not secure. Information sent to or from your laptop can potentially be captured by someone else. The Library assumes no responsibility for equipment, configurations, security (including virus or Spyware protection), or any data files accessed while using the Library's wireless network.

Are there limitations?
Access to Library printers is available but dependent on access to files on individual devices.

Exactly how does wireless Internet access work?
Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity, uses radio frequency signals to exchange information between your computer and access points in the Library. This information then is passed on through the Library's physical (wired) connection to the Internet. Wireless enables the Library system to offer this service without having to incur extra expenses for installing new wiring. No cables are required.