Real Life Mister Rogers, Part 1: Good Neighborhoods

This program was recorded on September 23rd.

Everyone wants to live in a good neighborhood but what makes a good neighborhood? Who has access to them? What happens when some don’t have access to a "good" neighborhood? How do we sustain good neighborhoods? This program will feature a panel of professionals from law enforcement, school board and real estate who, using a racial equity lens, will address the qualities of livable neighborhoods and how the stakeholders support them in the face of change.

  • Wayne Groff, Member Roseville City Council/Residential Realtor
  • Thomas Brooks, Equity and Inclusion Manager, City of Roseville
  • Curtis Johnson, ISD 623 Board Member and Clerk
  • Erika Scheider, Chief of Police, City of Roseville

Sponsored by League of Women Voters Roseville Area and Do Good Roseville.

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