Pre-K Storytime STEAM

For children ages 3 - 5. You may register for two kits total for your family. 

A form to request Apples & Pumpkins will be posted below on October 5 at 9am.

Registration runs from October 5-6.
Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Apples & Pumpkins
Count, taste, and explore with apples and pumpkins!

Registration runs from November 9-10.
Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Turkeys
Gobble, count, and float with turkeys!

Previous Kits:

Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Bread in a Bag
Measure, mix, and bake with this edible kitchen science activity for kids.

Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Farm!
Count, weigh, and measure with the Pre-K Storytime STEAM Farm kit!

Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Float!
Sink? Float? Make a boat! With the Pre-K Storytime STEAM Float kit!

Pre-K Storytime STEAM: Worms!
What’s so great about worms? Wriggle, giggle, and compost with the PreK Storytime STEAM Worms kit!
Video: Five Little Worms

Pre-K Storytime STEAM kits are funded with money from the Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries.

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