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Don't Call It Fanfic: Secondary Characters Redux

LongbournLove Bram Stoker's novel Dracula but wish Mina Harker had a bigger part?  Curious about the internal life of Becky Thatcher?   You're not alone; authors often feel that way too!

From the NPR Weekend Edition story Don't Call It Fanfic: Writers Rework Their Favorite Stories:

"When writers finish a book, they may think they've had the last word. But sometimes another writer will decide there's more to the story. The madwoman Bertha from Jane Eyre and the father in Little Women are just two examples of secondary characters who have been given a fuller life in a new work of fiction based on a classic novel."

The story profiles three hot new books that retell the stories of characters from classic literature, including:

Longbourn by Jo Baker - A novel whose principal characters are the servants in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Havisham

Havisham by Ronald Frame (Great Expectations by Charles Dickens) - In the tradition of Wide Sargasso Sea, Havisham is the astonishing prelude to Charles Dickens's Great Expectations.

And forthcoming in March, Hyde by Daniel Levine - A reimagining of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the monster's perspective.  Includes Robert Louis Stevenson's original work as an appendix. 

Can't get enough of these revisited stories?  Try our excellent  list Secondary Characters (Take the Lead) created by Librarian Ellen B.

Happy reading!


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