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Inquiring Minds - What's Stranger Than Fiction?

Stranger Than FictionEvery week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions and sends them to the Roseville Review.

Q. I recently came across this quotation: "What if we are all characters in a book? What if when you forget what you were going to say, it's the author backspacing?" A friend says he thinks this is the plot of a book, but he doesn't remember the title. Can you help?

A. This quote appears all over the Internet, but we haven’t found a link to a specific novel. The concept, however, does form the plot of an entertaining movie from 2006 called Stranger than Fiction, in which Will Ferrell, playing a lackluster IRS agent, comes to the slowly dawning realization that he is a character in a novel written by someone else. Emma Thompson plays the authorial voice in Ferrell’s head in cool, elegant British tones, while Dustin Hoffman is the English professor who tries to help Ferrell solve his problem by using the insights of literary criticism.

If this movie sounds like something you'd like to watch, you'll be happy to hear that the Library carries several copies of the DVD. (Library resources.)


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