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Secondary Characters Take the Lead!

SilverHave you ever read a book and found a minor character particularly interesting?  Wished their story could have been told more fully?  So do some authors!

From Long John Silver and Tiny Tim to Prince Charming and Boba Fett, we've put together a great List of Secondary Characters who get their very own books devoted to their stories.

This fascinating subgenre finds authors taking on the challenge of providing a full story to a character who had a small part in the classic story.  Some other authors choose to give a voice to characters who didn’t have the chance to tell their side of the story (mostly villains, unsurprisingly.)  The best of these stories do a beautiful job of fitting their character's story into the spaces of the original narrative.   

Which supporting character would you like to see get their very own novel?  Tell us in the comments!


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