Kind Kids Club : Creating Cards for Seniors

A bag of supplies to create a feel good card for local senior care centers to help bring a bit of sunshine to residents who may need a warm fuzzy.

Let’s create and craft some uplifting and cheerful cards for them to make their day brighter! Included in this kit are supplies to create at least 3 cards per child for 3 seniors. If you have other supplies at home to create more, you are welcome to make more! Envelopes are not required but you’re welcome to use the ones provided as upcycled materials if you wish.

Please return cards to your local branch ASAP.
If returning to RCL-Roseville, place in the white mailbox near the kit pickup area.

For children in PRE-K - GRADE 5

Creating Cards for Seniors: Instructions

This program is funded with money from the Friends of Ramsey County Libraries. 

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