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Many Voices, One Minnesota

Many Voices, One Minnesota

In November, Ramsey County Library is presenting several programs on the history of some of the diverse groups that make up our state.   Come and meet your neighbors! Everyone is welcome.

Asian Indians
Sunday, November 9, 2 p.m.
RCL - Roseville

One of the fastest-growing groups of newcomers to Minnesota are people from the Indian subcontinent. Join us as engineer and community activist Rajan Menon talks about what draws Asian Indians to our state, and about how his community is both changing and being changed by Minnesota. There will be music and dance demonstrations, and a chance to ask questions about everything from Bollywood to yoga.

My Inner Hmong: Hmong Paj Ntaub
Friday, November 14, 7 - 9 p.m.
RCL - Maplewood

A young woman tries to find inspiration for her art and in the process unravels the significance behind the Hmong paj ntaub. Join us after hours to celebrate this locally made film with music and a reception following.

The Somali People
Sunday, November 16, 2 p.m.
RCL - Roseville

When Civil War broke out in the African nation of Somalia in 1990s, the Twin Cities became a center for Somali refugees seeking a new home.  Twenty years later, the community numbers business people, legislators, professors and even an Oscar-nominated actor---as well as others who continue to have difficulties in their adjustment.   Macalester professor Ahmed Samatar will talk about the challenges of successful adaptation.

Meet the Karen
Thursday, November 20, 7p.m.
RCL - Roseville

The Karen (pronounced ka-REN) come from the mountains of Burma and Thailand.  Learn about the Karen people’s history, traditional customs, and their journey to Minnesota in an interactive presentation by Eh Tha Khu, Program Manager at the Karen Organization of Minnesota.

Gay Rights in Minnesota
Sunday, November 23, 2 p.m.
RCL - Roseville

In 1970, a Minnesota gay couple applied for a marriage license. In 2013, the Minnesota legislature legalized same-sex marriage. The 43 years in between saw great change within the gay community and in the broader society. Join us as Normandale Community College Professor Robert Frame talks about that historic transformation.