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My Top Ten of 2014 - Amy B.

CitizenThe Top Ten magic and madness continue!  Here's Amy B. of RCL - Maplewood's list of her Top Tens for 2014:

Citizen: An American Lyric Rankine, Claudia
Timely, apt, reflections on race, perception, and identity in the United States. This book of essays is on everyone's top ten list for a reason.

An Untamed State Gay, Roxane
A woman returns to the country of her childhood with her husband and child. At the gate of her parents’ new home, she is targeted as a kidnapping victim. This work is as devastatingly brutal as it is thoughtful about family, poverty, and identity.Bellweather Rhapsody

Bellweather Rhapsody Racculia, Kate
I may have an extra dose of love of this book because of bassoons, but isn't that OK? Delve into love, of music and the people around us, how it shapes us and the ways we carry our tender years' instruction with us into adulthood.

Everything I Never Told You Ng, Celeste
Ng's writes a heart wrenching and delicate look at race and gender, and the silent expectations within a mixed race family in the 1970's.

The Bone Clocks Mitchell, David
Lovingly human characters make this new work sparkle by David Mitchell. Yes, it is fascinating and weird and features immortal beings, but ultimately Mitchell is really good at capturing people.The Girl in the Road

The Girl in the Road Byrne, Monica
A masterful dystopian near-future, pairing India and Ethiopia, love and honor, desperation and new beginnings, it is a also a mystery you’ll get stuck pondering.

The Goblin Emperor Addison, Katherine
A creepy, ethereal, elegant, and ultimately addicting fantasy about the forgotten son no one expected to rule the kingdom. It could be the same old story of the bastard son coming to power, except it is extremely well written and ALSO, goblins.The Word Exchange

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry Zevin, Gabrielle
So sweet. If you love books, or love people that love books, put this in their hands.

The Word Exchange Graedon, Alena
If "The Storied Life" is a sweet story for book lovers, "The Word Exchange" is a terrifying and thrilling adventure for book lovers about at losing one's precious grasp on language, one mighty nation at a time.Woman Rebel

Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story Bagge, Peter
How to re-write our history books to include more than just the dead white guys? Peter Bagge gets it so right with this historical biography of Margaret Sanger, who was fundamental to the struggle for women's rights over their own bodies and futures. Sanger’s warts and all, this is a fascinating tale.


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