Ramsey County Library will be closed on Thursday, November 23.

Meet the Author - James Dashner!

James Dashner is coming to the library in Roseville on Friday, October 11, and we couldn’t be happier!  

Dashner is coming to town to promote the newest book in his ongoing list of teen and tween-pleasing thrillers. If you or your family were looking for a hot read in the post-Hunger Games frenzy, we probably handed you Maze Runner or the 13th Reality series. Now hold onto your seats – he’s got a good one for you.

The Eye of Minds is the first book in The Mortality Doctrine, a series set in a world of hyperadvanced technology, cyberterrorists, and gaming beyond your wildest dreams . . . and your worst nightmares.

The Eye of MindsMichael is a hacker, one of the best, and the government knows it. If he accepts their challenge, Michael will need to go off the VirtNet grid to catch a killer. There are back alleys and corners in the system human eyes have never seen and predators he can’t even fathom—and there’s the possibility that the line between game and reality will be blurred forever.

Join us in welcoming James Dashner to the library in Roseville on Friday, October 11 at 7 p.m.  The library is located at 2180 Hamline Avenue in Roseville, and this is an after-hours event. 

This presentation and Q&A are free and open to the public.  Autographing line requires the purchase of The Eye of Minds from Red Balloon Bookshop. For more information on autographing guidelines, visit Red Balloon Bookshop online or call Red Balloon Bookshop at 651-224-8320. 

See you there!


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