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James Bond at 50

Dr. NoJames Bond, celebrating fifty years on screen this year, is all over the media these days. 

The on-screen magic first started in 1962, when Sean Connery first portrayed Ian Fleming's spy on screen.  Six actors (who played Bond the best?  Check out NPR's poll for the results)  and twenty-three films later (Skyfall, the 23rd film, comes out in November), there is a lot of James Bond goodness to enjoy at the library. 

In addition to the 22 James Bond films owned in our collection (check out The Man with the Golden GunWikipedia's handy list), we have a number of Ian Fleming's original novels (which feature excellent covers, by the way).  Just search for "Ian Fleming" in the catalog search.  And don't forget Ian Fleming's lone children's book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)

Like to know more about the actors who played James Bond, the behind-the-scenes stories, the exotic locations and famous Bond girls?  Check out the James Bond Encyclopedia by John Cork and Collin Stutz, or James Bond: The Secret World of 007 by Alastair Dougall, both put out by DK, which publishes wonderfully designed and illustrated books. 

Love all of Q's amazing adventures?  Check out The Science of James Bond: From Bullets to Bowler Hats to Boat Jumps, The Real Technology Behind 007's Fabulous Films by Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg. 

And coming soon, Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies by the ultimate insider: Sir Roger Moore. 

One more bit of Bond goodness ... don't forget all those excellent James Bond themes.  From Shirley Bassey to Madonna, The Best of Bond--James Bond celebrates three decades worth of Bond theme songs.  Perfect accompaniment for all your adventures!


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