Inquiring Minds - Saint Valentine

Celebrate Valentine's DayEvery week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions asked at the Roseville Library and sends them to the Roseville Review.  Here's this week's question!

Q. Who was Saint Valentine? Is he the patron saint of florists?

A. You might well expect that of a saint whose feast day has brought such prosperity to the florist industry over the years, but, in fact, Saint Valentine is not the patron saint of florists—or of chocolate candy makers either. In fact, the legend of St. Valentine—the man whose name is associated all those frilly pink-and-red greeting cards---is so shrouded in mystery that the Roman Catholic Church no longer includes his name in the official calendar of saints. Did St. Valentine, on the eve of his martyrdom, really pen a note to his beloved and sign it “From your Valentine?” No one really knows, but it makes a nice story.


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