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Inquiring Minds - Rules of the Road

Watch Out!  On the RoadEvery week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions asked at the Roseville Library and sends them to the Roseville Review.  Here's this week's question!

Q. I occasionally pick my 9-year-old grandson up from school. Under Minnesota law, can I let him ride in the front seat?

A. According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, there is no state law prohibiting your grandchild from riding shotgun up front with you. However, the State does go on to say that “it is considered safest and the best practice” to keep the kids in the back seat until they’re 13. And, of course, should you go on an intergenerational road trip that takes you and your grandson out of state, be sure you read up on other states’ laws with regard to this subject. (Website of the Office of Traffic Safety; a Division of the MN Department of Public Safety.)



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