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Inquiring Minds - Queries about Quislings

Every week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions and sends them to the Roseville Review. Here's this week's quizzical query:

Q. What is a quisling?

A. Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian politician who cooperated with the enemy when his country was invaded by the Nazis during the Second World War. As the leader of the small Norwegian Nazi Party, Quisling became head of the puppet government during the German Occupation. He was so detested by his countrymen and others on the Allied side that, nearly seventy years after his execution after the Liberation of Norway, his name in lowercase letters remains a synonym for traitor. (Encyclopedia of World War II)

Are you interested in the history of the Second World War? This fall, Ramsey County Library will present a group of programs on World War II and its lingering influences on our time and beyond. Check out our website for more information about Ramsey County Library’s World War II Discussion Series and Other Programs.


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