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Inquiring Minds - Cell Phones and Parking

Every week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions and sends them to the Roseville Review. Here's this week's question!

Q. The last time I drove to the airport, I noticed an empty parking lot with a sign that read “Cell Phone Lot.” What is that? It seems like people use their cell phones all over the airport.

A. Don’t worry, there’s no nefarious plan afoot to segregate cell phone users in a special lot---however much unwilling listeners to their one-sided conversations may wish there were. According to the website of the Metropolitan Airport Commission, the Cell Phone Lot represents an attempt at traffic control at the always-crowded pickup area outside the airport. It hasn’t escaped the notice of airport officials that travelers are frequently met by friends and relatives who have made several frustrated circuits of the airport in their autos while waiting for the returning loved one to emerge from the baggage area. Airport managers have an alternative suggestion. They offer “[a] complimentary 39-space cell phone lot … available on Post Road, approximately half way between the terminals. Have your traveler call you when they've picked up their luggage and are exiting the terminal.” (www.msairport.com)

MSP Cell Phone Lot


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