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If You Loved Downton Abbey . . .

If You Love Downton Abbey

Eagerly waiting for Season four of Downton Abbey to come out?  While you wait, check out more fabulous costume dramas with If You Love Downton Abbey ... More Costume Dramas to Adore, an excellent infographic created by Ramsey County Library staff.  This list will keep you in corsets, stately homes, and romance all summer long!

Missed out on the Downton Abbey phenomenon?  Catch up on Downton Abbey Season One, Season Two, and Season Three with your local library.

Still can't get enough of the Crawleys and company?  Look out for the Downton Abbey Clothing Collection that will be coming out soon (and not just clothing, but apparel, homeware, furniture, wallpapers, beauty products and stationery!)

Happy viewing!



Is it possible to request the

Is it possible to request the Season 4 Downton Abbey Cd? Thank you, Jan

Hi Jan! I'm afraid not quite

Hi Jan! I'm afraid not quite yet. We don't have a release date for Season Four yet. As soon as we do, we'll put it on our catalog and you can request it! Thanks! Carol J.

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