Frozen Reading ... Save for Summer!

Frozen While searching the catalog for Frozen (on order at the library and due out 3/18/14), I was amazed by all the intriguing sounding novels with Frozen in the title.   (You'll be unsurprised to know that quite a few are set in Minnesota and Wisconsin.)

Put these books on your reading list for July.  I have a feeling they'll be lovely reading on a hot, summer's day!Frozen Stiff

Frozen by Mary Casanova - A young adult novel about sixteen-year-old Sadie Rose, the foster child of a corrupt senator in 1920s northern Minnesota.  Unable to speak or remember the events surrounding her mother's mysterious death eleven years earlier, Sadie struggles to regain her voice, memory, and identity.

Frozen Stiff: A Claire Watkins Mystery by Mary Logue - Book eight in the Claire Watkins mystery series finds car mogul Daniel Walker celebrating New Year's Eve alone, roasting in his sauna. At midnight he runs outside for a quick roll in the snow . . . and the next morning he's found dead-naked, frozen, and covered in snow.  While solving this midwinter crime, Claire realizes how tenuous love is and how frozen she's been since the death of her first husband.  (See what she did there?)Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra by Rick Shefchik - In Frozen Tundra, ex-Minneapolis police detective Sam Skarda is hired by the president of the Green Bay Packers to investigate an insider plot designed to sell the publicly-owned Packers to a private buyer. When a Packers executive board member drowns while ice fishing, the board is just two votes short of a sale. The board president is in poor health, and the other "no" votes suddenly look like targets. Sam has to protect them and himself while finding out who s behind the plot.Frozen

Frozen by Kate Watterson - Northern Wisconsin in November is cold, unforgiving, and... deadly.  Bryce Grantham wants a quiet vacation at his family's cabin. On his first night in town, he meets a lovely girl at a bar and gives her a ride home. The next day, he finds her cell phone in his car. When he tries to return it, Bryce discovers that the young woman has vanished, leaving behind only a bloody shoe. Suddenly Bryce Grantham is the primary suspect in a murder investigation.Frozen

Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston - In this young adult novel set more than a century after a catastrophic disaster wiped out most of humanity and covered much of the earth with ice, fifteen-year-old Cass yields to the voice in her head urging her to embark on a dangerous journey across a poisoned sea to the mythical land, Blue.Frozen Stiff

Frozen Stiff by Annelise Ryan - Death is never pretty, and deputy coroner Mattie Winston's latest case is no exception. But this victim certainly was strikingly beautiful--before someone stuck that knife into her chest. Mattie knows everyone in the charmingly small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin, so the deceased is definitely a stranger from out of town. If a woman this attractive had moved into town, the news would have surely hit the gossip mill in record time. So what was the victim doing here, laid out in this desolate field? Frozen Solid

Frozen Solid by James M. Tabor - A brilliant and dangerous group of scientists are determined to save the world from the perils of overpopulation by releasing into the world a brutal virus. Having just arrived at the research station at the earth's southernmost tip, returning hero Hallie Leland has seven days to stop them from putting their plan into action.  (Not set in Minnesota--despite the description as being set in "the most dangerous place on Earth.")Frozen Fire

Frozen Fire by Tim Bowler - Fifteen-year-old Dusty gets a mysterious call from a boy who says he is going to kill himself, and while he claims to have called her randomly, he seems to know her intimately.  Booklist says:  "Bowler's writing chills, both in the way the author heightens the tension, chapter by terrifying chapter, and through his descriptions of the relentless snow beating down, brightening and frightening—the frozenfire of the title."

Brr!  Happy summer reading! 


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