Congratulations, 2014 Minnesota Book Awards Winners!

Moo!Congratulations to all the Minnesota Book Award winners for 2014!  The awards were presented at the elegant Minnesota Book Awards Gala this month at the newly remodeled Union Depot--a fabulous night all around.  The Nazi and the Psychiatrist

Check out this complete list of all of this year's Winners and Finalists.  Now, on to the winners!

Children's Literature:

Moo!  by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka - When Cow gets her hooves on the farmer's car, she takes it for a wild ride through the country.

General Nonfiction:

The Nazi and the Psychiatrist: Hermann Göring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a Fatal Meeting of Minds at the End of WWII by Jack El-Hai - Ace reportage on the unique relationship between a prison physician and one of the Third Reich's highest ranking officials.Tamarack County

Genre Fiction:Prairie Silence

Tamarack County by William Kent Krueger - Faced with a series of dark occurrences that are linked to a twenty-year-old murder, private investigator Cork O' Connor must stop a vengeful force before his family and friends pay the ultimate price.

Memoir & Creative Nonfiction:

Prairie Silence: A Memoir by Melanie Hoffert - A rural expatriate's struggle to reconcile family, home, love, and faith with the silence of the prairie land and its people.


Modern Spirit: The Art of George Morrison by W. Jackson Rushing III and Kristin Makholm - The work of Chippewa artist George Morrison Modern Spirit(1919–2000) has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim. His paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures have been displayed in numerous public and private exhibitions, and he is one of Minnesota’s most cherished artists.

Novel & Short Story:The Peripatetic Coffin

The Peripatetic Coffin and Other Stories by Ethan Rutherford - Eight short stories focus on reality as it is known and as it could be and star characters who are confronted with, and battle against, the limitations of their lives.


Black Aperture by Matt Rasmussen - In his moving debut collection, Matt Rasmussen faces the tragedy of his brother s suicide, refusing to focus on the expected pathos, blurring the edge between grief and humor.

The Black Aperture

Young People's Literature:

Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian - Sex has always come without consequences for Evan. Until the night when all the consequences land at once, leaving him scarred inside and out.Sex & Violence

Check out one of these amazing local authors today!


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