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Caldecott Awards 2014 (and more) - The Winners!

LocomotiveThis year’s Caldecott Medal was awarded to the book Locomotive by Brian Floca, a majestic look at train travel in 1869. Brian Floca’s dramatic illustrations were meticulously-researched to show the train, travelers and crew as they traveled across America’s brand-new transcontinental railroad. The illustrations are truly glorious and will have even your non train-loving family members mesmerized for multiple reads. “The committee was impressed with Floca’s ability to creatively capture the immensity and inner workings of the early locomotive and combine it with a family’s adventurous journey west,” said Caldecott Medal Committee Chair Marion Hanes Rutsch.

Journey2014 Caldecott Honor Books include:

Journey, written and illustrated by Aaron Becker - Start with a bored and lonely girl looking for adventure and add in a magical red crayon, and here you have Aaron Becker’s lovely work, Journey. Using the crayon, the young girl draws a new door on her bedroom wall that leads her to a wondrous but perilous new world filled with stunning, lushly-hued watercolor and pen and ink landscapes. An exciting adventure for all ages, this book is sure to please.Flora and the Flamingo

Flora and the Flamingo, written and illustrated by Molly Idle - Full of humor and heart, Flora and the Flamingo is the story of a budding relationship between an awkward young girl and a graceful flamingo , slowly revealed through carefully orchestrated flaps. Molly Idle centers on our young pair as they perform a call-and-response ballet in warm pinks and cheerful oranges, yet she is unafraid to make use of white spaces, as well. You will have a hard time not smiling as you share this charming duet with your favorite young people!Mr. Wuffles!

Mr. Wuffles! written and illustrated by David Wiesner - David Wiesner does it again with this wordless story of aliens, insects, and a determined black cat. A miniature spaceship lands in the house and soon the feline protagonist decides to pounce, causing the occupants to take refuge in the walls. The aliens and insects living in the walls soon find camaraderie and cooperate to make the ship space-worthy once more. Crisp watercolor and India ink illustrations shine in this innovative graphic novel, picture book hybrid featuring hidden worlds, alien languages and one peeved cat.

And a few more Children's Literature awards were announced recently, including:
Parrots over Puerto Rico
The Sibert Medal for 2014 was awarded to Parrots over Puerto Rico, written by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore and illustrated by Susan L. Roth.  The Sibert Medal is awarded to the author(s) and illustrator(s) of the most distinguished informational book published in the United States in English, and this year’s award goes to Parrots over Puerto Rico, written by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore and illustrated by Susan L. Roth. This gorgeous picture book tells the story of the rescue and return of the Puerto Rican parrot, a species in peril due to loss of habitat, as well as giving the reader a look at Puerto Rican history along the way. Through the efforts of a valiant, dedicated and committed team of scientists and island residents, the fate of this native bird is now inching out of extinction. “The Sibert Committee was swept into the lush collages and unique layout of the exciting efforts to rescue the iridescent Puerto Rican Parrot,” said Sibert Medal Committee Chair Cecilia P. McGowan.

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