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Books in the News - 6/2/13

Two Old Potatoes and MeHere's the scoop on the books reviewed in our local papers this first week of June!

At the Pioneer Press, paperbacks for beach reading were recommended, including:

Two Old Potatoes and Me by John Coy; illustrated by Carolyn Fisher - After a young girl finds two old potatoes at her father's house, they plant and tend them to see if they will have new potatoes in September.

The Forever Marriage by Ann Bauer - Unexpectedly falling in love with the late husband she resented throughout their marriage, a grieving Carmen embarks on a series of romantic trysts only to discover that her own life may be in danger.

The Lighthouse Road by Peter Geye - Against the wilds of sea and wood, a young immigrant woman settles into life outside Duluth in the 1890s, still shocked at finding herself alone in a new country, abandoned and adrift. In the early 1920s, her son, now grown, falls in love with the one woman he shouldn't and uses his best skills to build them their own small ark to escape. But their pasts travel with them, threatening to capsize even their fragile hope. Here Lies Hugh Glass

How to Talk Minnesotan: Revised for the 21st Century by Howard Mohr (Ramsey County Library owns the original edition) - Based in part on material written for A Prairie Home Companion, How to Talk Minnesotan will help visitors to Minnesota keep from sticking out like sore thumbs when they don't know the difference between "not too bad a deal" and "a heckuva deal."

Here Lies Hugh Glass: A Mountain Man, a Bear and the Rise of the American Nation by Jon T. Coleman - Explores period frontier life and contradictory accounts in an effort to discern the true story of a 19th-century bear-mauling victim who pursued vengeance against the companions who left him for dead.

The Last Kind Word by David Housewright - Rushmore McKenzie is both a millionaire and an unlicensed PI, which means he can afford to do the occasional favor and, as a former detective for the St. Paul (Minnesota) Police Department, he's got the necessary skills and connections to do them right. But this time, he's really stepped in it. When the ATF gets a lead on a much sought-after cache of illegal guns near the Canadian border, they call McKenzie in to help them track down the elusive gunrunners.

Star Tribune Summer Books imageThe Star Tribune Books section this week featured its Summer Books Issue, including pages and pages of recommendations for summer reading, including:

Fiction: Tales of Tragedy and Triumph

Mystery: Whodunits to Send a Chill up Your Spine

Paperbacks: Light Read to Stuff in Your Book Bag

Readers Suggest Big Books for Summer Reads

The View from Penthouse BAnd mentioned in the Five Spot section:

The View from Penthouse B by Elinor Lipman - Two newly-single sisters, one a divorceé, the other a widow, become roommates with a handsome, gay cupcake-baker as they try to return to the dating world of lower Manhattan.

Happy summer reading!


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