Books in the News - 4/21/13

SnapperForgot to write down that great book you saw written about in the paper this weekend?  We can help!  For your convenience, here is a list of all the books featured in our local papers! 

The Pioneer Press this Sunday featured a selection of "Hidden Treasures"--memoirs that were self-published or put out by independent presses, including:

Can't Never Did Nothin': A Minnesota Pioneer Memoir by Glenn W. Ekbom with Clyde Ekbom - Memoir of a Minnesota small business owner, compiled by his son from his father's audiotapes and writing.

Memories of the Great American Ice Shows by Jimmy Lawrence - Memoir of ice skater Lawrence and his adventures in the Ice Capades and other ice shows.

The Day the Watertower Froze and Other Stories From My Days with the Mille Lacs Band by David MacArthur - Memoir of the author's experiences with tribal garbage collection, water and public works on the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation.

Getting to Ellen: A Memoir About Love, Honesty and Gender Change by Ellen Krug - Memoir about Krug's experiences before and after gender reassignment surgery.

You'll Be My Son Joe by Yazdan Bakhsh - Memoir of a man born into a persecuted ethnic group in Afghanistan, who later becomes a successful businessman in America.

Over at the  section, featured titles included: Woke Up Lonely

The Proper Words for Sin by Gary Fincke - Eleven short stories by the author of 24 books of fiction, nonfiction and poetry

Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende - International best-selling novelist Allende (Ines of My Soul) delivers a no-holds-barred story of Maya Vidal, a troubled 19-year-old American living in exile on Chiloe, a remote island off the coast of Chile. (Library Journal)

Snapper by Brian Kimberling - A great, hilarious new voice in fiction: the poignant, all-too-human recollections of an affable bird researcher in backwater Indiana as he goes through a disastrous yet heartening love affair with the place and its people. 

The Secret History of Vladimir Nabokov by Andrea PItzer - An examination of Nabokov's work and the influence events had on his writing and novels.

Woke Up Lonely by Fiona Maazel - Thurlow Dan is the founder of the Helix, a cult that promises to cure loneliness in the twenty-first century. With its communes and speed-dating, mixers and confession sessions, the Helix has become a national phenomenon--and attracted the attention of governments worldwide. But Thurlow, camped out in his Cincinnati headquarters, is lonely--for his ex-wife, Esme, and their daughter, whom he hasn't seen in ten years.

The Humanity Project by Jean Thompson - After surviving a shooting at her high school, Linnea is packed off to live with her estranged father, Art, who doesn't quite understand how he has suddenly become responsible for raising a sullen adolescent girl. Bound to be the next Big American Novel, it is a multi-faceted ensemble drama.

Happy reading!


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