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Book Lists for New Adult Readers

books imageIf you’re an adult who is just starting to read for pleasure, or working on your English skills through reading, Ramsey County Library can help!  Check out our new online lists of Books for New Adult Readers for great books to get you started.

We’ve hand-selected fiction (fiction = made-up, not true), nonfiction (nonfiction = based on fact), and short classics (older books that are still read and studied today).  These books come from all across the library--adult, teen and children’s areas--but they will appeal to readers of any age.  

Also included in the description is whether the book is available on audiobook, as an eBook, or if it has been made into a film.  Reading along while listening to the audio or watching a movie afterwards can help improve your understanding of the book.

And remember:  the most important thing is to read whatever you want! There is no wrong answer to the question: “Hey, what are you reading?”  Looking for more suggestions?  Ask your local librarian!  We love to help you find the right book for you!

Looking for more help with your English? If you want to practice your English in a friendly, casual place, join us at our English Conversation Circles.  Circles are at RCL - Mounds View on Mondays at 6:15 p.m. and RCL - Shoreview on Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m.  All English learners are welcome. No registration required.  For more information, call 651-724-6004.

Happy Reading!


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