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July 2014


    Meet Lev Grossman! (Club Book Kickoff) ()

    Lev Grossman

    Mark your calendars!  The new Club Book series kicks off on Monday, August 11 at 7 PM at the Roseville Library with Lev Grossman!

    We are SO excited to have the Lev Grossman at Ramsey County Library.  Grossman is the author of the bestselling Magicians trilogy, lauded by the Washington Post as a “masterful… fresh and compelling” addition to the corpus of coming-of-age fantasy literature popularized by Harry Potter. The much anticipated third and final installment, The Magician’s Land, debuts in...

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    Hold On To Those Holds! (Managing Requests) ()


    Have you had this happen?  You head to the library to pick up your requests and there are TONS of books waiting for you on our hold shelves. 

    And since you may have been waiting a while for the hot new bestseller, you may only be able to check them out for two weeks until they need to go on to the next waiting patron. 

    SO frustrating.  And trust me, the library staff feels for you.  It happens to us too!

    Did you know you can suspend your holds?   The great thing about suspending holds is that you still continue to work your way up the list, but if it is available before you are ready, the book just goes to the next person on the list until your suspend date arrives.  Perfect for if you are going on vacation, or just have way...

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    Book Lists for New Adult Readers ()

    books image

    If you’re an adult who is just starting to read for pleasure, or working on your English skills through reading, Ramsey County Library can help!  Check out our new online lists of Books for New Adult Readers for great books to get you started.

    We’ve hand-selected fiction (fiction = made-up, not true), nonfiction (nonfiction = based on fact), and short classics (older books that are still read and studied today).  These books come from all across the library--adult, teen and children’s areas--but they will appeal to readers of any age.  

    Also included in the description is whether the book is available on audiobook, as an eBook, or if it has...

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