June 2013


    True Stories About Dads ()

    Big Russ and Me

    We posted this last year, but Father's Day comes every year, so enjoy!

    As Father's Day approaches (insert ties/golf joke here), it's a good time to think about the complicated relationships we often have with our fathers and the many marvelous books that have been written about this relationship. 

    On the sweeter side, check out Big Russ and Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life by Tim Russert, an intensely personal and charming memoir of American life in the 1950s and the special bond Russert shared with his father, the irrepressible Big Russ. 

    One of the most fascinating recent books about fathers is ...

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    End of Summer Reads, Part 1: Novels You Can't Put Down ()

    The Silent Wife

    As summer winds down, here's the first of three guides to the most talked about books of the summer (in case you missed them while out enjoying the beautiful weather!)  Get ready for fall with these great reads!  (See also Part 2: Gripping Nonfiction and Part 3: New Novels by Beloved Authors.)

    Novels You Can't Put Down

    The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Hamilton - Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their...

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    Inquiring Minds - American Idioms in Literature ()

    I Hear America Talking

    Every week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions and sends them to the Roseville Review. Here's this week's question! 

    Q. I am looking for a source that will help me determine the origin of idioms used by Americans, particularly those idioms that have their origin in American literature. Can you help?

    A.  What did F. Scott Fitzgerald have to do with a New Orleans word for syncopated music?*  What was a foxhole, and who said that were there no atheists to be found in one?**  And, above all, what are the origins of America’s most widely used contribution to international communication—the phrase O.K.?***

    You can find the answers to idiom-related questions like these on websites like...

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    It's All About ... Superman! ()

    Man o' Steel

    You know it's summer, because superhero movies are flying into the theaters.  This summer, it's Superman's turn in the sun. 

    Man of Steel is the most recent film incarnation of the exploits of Superman.  Check out the hilariously on-the-nose summary from IMDB:  "A young itinerant worker is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race."

    If you've seen Man of Steel and want to check out the other takes on this character, the library has plenty to keep you busy this summer.  (Did you know that if you type "Superman...

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    Books in the News - 6/23/13 ()

    Bad Monkey

    Here's your handy scoop on the books reviewed in our local papers over this fine weekend!

    On the St. Paul side, the Pioneer Press featured:

    Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen - Andrew Yancy, late of the Miami Police, soon-to-be-late of the Key West Police, has a human arm in his freezer. There is a logical explanation for that, but not for how and why it parted from its owner. Yancy thinks the boating-accident/shark-luncheon explanation is full of holes, and if he can prove murder, his commander might relieve him of Health Inspector duties, aka Roach Patrol. But first Yancy will negotiate an ever-surprising...

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