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January 2013


    THE Reading List of 2013 ()

    Winter Jackets logo

    Winter Jackets, Ramsey County Library's adult reading program, kicks off February 1st and runs through the end of February.  Read books, write reviews and win prizes!

    To kick off your Winter Jackets reading list, check out THE Reading List of 2013.  This list, put together by librarians with the Reference and User Services Association, highlights "outstanding genre fiction that merit special attention by general adult readers and the librarians who work with them." 

    The list includes winners in eight genres (including adrenaline title,...

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    Books in the News - 1/27/13 ()

    Contents May Have Shifted

    Here are the books that the local newspapers covered in Sunday's papers!

    The Pioneer Press featured Kinsey and Me by Sue Grafton--a collection of short stories, mostly about Kinsey Milhone.  Also included was an excellent rundown of the new Club Book season. 

    Club Book alert!  Ramsey County Library is proud to be launching the season at the Maplewood Library on February 5th (7:00 pm) with Pam Houston, award-winning author of ...

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    Inquiring Minds - Rules of the Road ()

    Watch Out!  On the Road

    Every week, librarian Judy Woodward compiles the most interesting reference questions asked at the Roseville Library and sends them to the Roseville Review.  Here's this week's question!

    Q. I occasionally pick my 9-year-old grandson up from school. Under Minnesota law, can I let him ride in the front seat?

    A. According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, there is no state law prohibiting your grandchild from riding shotgun up front with you. However, the State does go on to say that “it is considered safest and the best practice” to keep the kids in the back seat until they’re 13. And, of course, should you go on an...

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    Books in the News - 1/20/13 ()

    A Carnival of Killing

    Want the list of books reviewed in your local papers this Sunday?  Done!  Here you go!

    The Pioneer Press's Sunday Life is all about the Winter Carnival 2013 this week, but had room to feature A Carnival of Killing by former Dispatch/Pioneer Press staffer, which is a murder mystery filled with lots of Winter Carnival lore.

    Titles reviewed and featured in the Star Tribune's Books section included:

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    Conversation with Books - at St. Kate's ()

    The Round House

    If you love a good book discussion, you can't do much better than the 49th Annual Conversation with Books taking place on Monday, January 28 from 7-9 pm in the Rauenhorst Ballroom at St. Catherine University.  From the website:

    "Conversation with Books has been a tradition since 1965. Event participants enjoy a lively panel of book lovers that highlight recent books of literary merit.

    Whether collecting ideas for winter reading, potential book club picks or simply jump-starting the conversation about great recent literature, Conversation with Books offers attendees an evening of rich literary discussion."

    If you can't make the event,...

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