A Bee’s Code

Bobby B. is a very busy honey bee who has a lot to do and needs some help! This whimsical and instructive kit is not only a fun way to learn about bees as pollinators, but also a great introduction to concepts in coding. Remember, learning to code doesn’t require computers or a techy mind! Coding is all about playing with patterns, finding connections, and creating rules that solve problems.

With the gameboard kit, your own toys, and your powerful imagination, you can practice these skills and learn by playing games of your own making.

For children in grades K - 2. Register for the number of children in your family within the recommended age range.

How can I get a kit?

Kits can be requested to be picked up via curbside or lobby pickup, or via Home Delivery (must be enrolled in Home Delivery Services - Families must live in suburban Ramsey County to qualify for Home Delivery Service). You will be notified via email when your kit is ready to be picked up, usually within 4-5 business days.

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This program is sponsored by the Bakken Museum.


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