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Zinio Instructions

How Do I . . . .
Read Digital Magazines with Zinio


Getting Started with Zinio:

To use Zinio, you will need to create two different accounts:  1) a Library account to select your magazines and 2) a Zinio.com account to view them.  You must have a current library card that is registered with Ramsey County Library to use this collection.


Step 1

Set up a Library account to select magazines:

  1. Go to the RCL Zinio Authentication page
  2. Enter your Ramsey County Library barcode and click Login.
  3. Click on the purple Create Account button.
  4. Enter an email address and password. Your name is optional. Click Create Account.
  5. You will receive a confirmation notice in your email inbox. Click on the link to confirm.
  6. Then follow the directions to select a magazine.


Step 2
Select a magazine:

  1. Log in to the RCL Zinio Authentication page using your email and password created in Step 1.
  2. The covers of all available magazines will display in alphabetical order.
  3. Click on the cover of the magazine you want to read.
  4. The first time you select a magazine, you will be taken to a new window to create a Zinio.com account.


Step 3
Set up a Zinio.com account to read your magazines:

The first time you select a magazine, you will be taken to a new window to create a Zinio.com account.

  1. Enter your first name, last name, email and password. You can use the same password as you did for the Library account that you’ve just set up.  Click Continue.
  2. The first time you’ll be asked to fill out a personal preferences form. Complete the personal preferences form and click Submit. We suggest you also go to Account Settings, and click on Email Preferences and check No on the following two boxes:  “Send me email updates about features, new products, and special offers from Zinio and its publishers” and “Send me promotions from Zinio's trusted third-party partners.”


Now that you’re signed up, you can:

Check out more magazines:
Return to the library’s Zinio site, RCL Zinio Authentication page, each time you want to check out new issues. You’ll need to enter your library card number each time to access the library’s free content.

Read your magazines:

  1. Go to Zinio.com.
  2. Click log in at the top of the screen and enter your email and password. Click sign in.
  3. Click on my library at the top of the page to view the magazines you've selected.
  4. Click on the magazine cover to open and read.


Download apps:
At the bottom of the my library page you can download apps for a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry Playbook. If there is not an app available for your device, you can still access and read Zinio magazines through your web browser.


Read magazines offline:
To read magazines offline, follow these directions:

  1. You must be online to select magazines and download them.
  2. Follow the instructions in Step 2 to select a magazine.
  3. Open the Zinio app on your mobile device and touch the cover of the magazine you want to download.
  4. When the download is complete, you can read that magazine offline.
  5. Only magazines that have been downloaded through the app can be read offline.

Remove magazines from your account:

To remove magazine issues from your account:

  1. Log in to your Zinio.com account and click my library at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Edit button near the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Remove button under each issue.

Printing is available on Zinio using a computer. Printing is not available from a mobile device.

  1. In your Zinio.com account, click on my library. Then, select a magazine.
  2. Go to the page you wish to print.
  3. Click the Print icon in the bottom left corner.

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