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    Bookawocky and YOU--Read, Write, Draw, WIN!

    Attention children of all ages (under 17, that is)!  Did you know that RIGHT NOW your local suburban Ramsey County Library is prepared to reward your summer reading with fabulous prizes? It's TRUE! Check out ALL the info on Bookawocky: Your Summer Reading Experience at your library!   Read, Write, Draw and WIN! For 4 & Unders and kids 5-11, stop into one of our libraries and pick up your Bookawocky materials today!  12-17?  Just set up your account at Bookawocky.org and start posting reviews! Looking for something good to read?  Check out the ... Read More »

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    Frozen Reading ... Save for Summer!

    While searching the catalog for Frozen (on order at the library and due out 3/18/14), I was amazed by all the intriguing sounding novels with Frozen in the title.   (You'll be unsurprised to know that quite a few are set in Minnesota and Wisconsin.) Put these books on your reading list for July.  I have a feeling they'll be lovely reading on a hot, summer's day! Frozen by Mary Casanova - A young adult novel about sixteen-year-old Sadie Rose, the foster child of a corrupt senator in 1920s northern Minnesota.  Unable to speak or remember the... Read More »

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    Young Adult Literature Awards 2014 - The Winners!

    Midwinter Blood
    Looking for great books for teens? Each year there are a host of awards for the best in Young Adult literature.  Here some highlights in teen reading from 2013! The Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature Midwinterblood, written by Marcus Sedgwick has won the 2014 Printz.  Doomed love circles back through the centuries in a series of seven intricately plotted, interlocking stories set on a mysterious, isolated island. Forgetting and remembering, blessed and cursed, modern and ancient, these dualities brilliantly infuse the novel’s lush landscape.  “... Read More »

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    Meet the Author - James Dashner!

    James Dashner is coming to the library in Roseville on Friday, October 11, and we couldn’t be happier!   Dashner is coming to town to promote the newest book in his ongoing list of teen and tween-pleasing thrillers. If you or your family were looking for a hot read in the post-Hunger Games frenzy, we probably handed you Maze Runner or the 13th Reality series. Now hold onto your seats – he’s got a good one for you. ... Read More »

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    Historical Girl Spy! The Hot New Trend in Teen Fiction

    The Friday Society
    Have you noticed a preponderance of teen novels where the cover illustration shows a character dressed in decidedly less than current apparel?  It's true.  Corsets, bonnets, skirts with enormous crinolines, high-necked blouses, and the occasional umbrella all are gracing teen fiction covers.  And weapons! Forget about vampires, werewolves, zombies and angels (fallen and otherwise), the hot new trend is the historical girl spy, detective and adventurer!  Direct from Teen Librarian Amy B., here are a few new novels you shouldn't miss: The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress - Cora, Nellie, and Michiko, teenaged assistants to three powerful men in Edwardian... Read More »

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