Ramsey County Library will be closed on Monday, May 25.

Shoreview Building Project

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Ramsey County Library Facilities Master Plan (2008 – 2018) recommends that a third regional library be created in the northern part of the county in order to place full service hours and programs within easy access of the greatest number of suburban Ramsey County residents.

The most effective way to achieve a regional library in the north is to expand the Shoreview library to 30,000 square feet. Shoreview is already the third-biggest and third-busiest library in the system. It is the most centrally-located and easily-accessed of the northern libraries. In addition, based on preliminary data, it appears to be the most cost-effective choice.

Shoreview community members participated in a focus group meeting on October 23 to share their thoughts and ideas about the area, library services and future needs

Community Focus Group Minutes

Feasibility Study For: Ramsey County Library, Shoreview (PDF - 31 MB)