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Xcel Energy's New Draft Check Kits

Date: September 3, 2013

New program helps locate air leaks, improves comfort

Check out Xcel Energy’s new Draft Check kits and you’ll be on your way to discovering air leaks and improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

The Draft Check kit helps you measure temperature variations in the home along areas such as windows, doors, attics, basements, electrical outlets, light switches, walls, moldings and baseboards.

Once you locate the leaks, there are two recommended courses of action. A Home Energy Audit, which involves an energy expert making a detailed assessment of the home’s energy use and offering recommendations to fit the homeowner’s needs, or a do-it-yourself approach. The things a homeowner can consider installing are weather stripping, caulking, door sweeps, insulation, outlet covers and adding foam receptacle sealers around electrical outlets and light switches to keep drafts at bay.  

The Draft Check program complements the existing Power Check meters already offered at Ramsey County Library. Plug Power Check meters into home appliances and electronics to learn how much energy they’re using.

To check out a Draft Check kit (or for a Power Check meter), ask the Circulation Desk. Find more about Xcel Energy’s efficiency programs at xcelenergy.com/EnergySavingsTips.